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September 2022

"Cloud Spotting: Observing the Clouds to Quiet Your Mind," is a hardcover book in the "Pocket Nature" series published by Chronicle Books.

The book is a guide to the art of cloud-spotting with a focus on using natural observations to inspire a mindfulness practice.

May 2020

"Discovering Griffith Park" is the FIRST ever in-depth guidebook to the crown jewel of Los Angeles parks -- Griffith Park. One of the largest municipal parks in North America, Griffith is home to the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Observatory, Greek Theatre, and other world-famous landmarks. 

"Discovering Griffith Park" is a pocket visitor center for the park, highlighting hiking routes but also including the park's fascinating (and sordid) history, information on where to ride a bike, how to go horseback riding and reserve a tennis court, where you can see Shakespeare performed under the stars, and how to join secret societies that meet in the park. 

This book was completely sold out at launch and landed on the 'Los Angeles Times' bestseller list.

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December 2016 (First Printing)

"Day Hiking Los Angeles" is the most up to date hiking guidebook for the Los Angeles Area. Featuring 125 trails all around greater Los Angeles, the book has been well-received by hiking newcomers and veterans alike. This book highlights trails overlooked by other outdoor books, and is a top-seller in the region. It is now in its third printing.

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L.A.'s resident hiking expert Casey Schreiner has a new book all about one of the biggest urban parks in North America, offering Griffith Park veterans like me and rookies a manual for getting to know it better."

Hiking enthusiasts and novices alike can thumb through the hiking section for details on each hike, such as miles, elevation gains and views. But this time, Schreiner branched out, incorporating history, ecology and even ghost stories in a breezy, informative style.

A. Martinez, "Take Two"

Los Angeles Daily News

Three years ago, Casey Schreiner released the definitive guide to hiking in and around Los Angeles. Now the author of "Day Hiking: Los Angeles" and founder of the website Modern Hiker is back with a in-depth guide to one of the city’s treasures. Discovering Griffith Park: A Local’s Guide ... is, surprisingly enough, the first guide to the 124-year-old, 4,300-plus-acre Los Angeles institution.

Los Angeles Magazine

A comprehensive collection of 33 hiking and biking trails, safety tips for avoiding poison oak as well as tactics for encounters with coyotes, rattlesnakes and P22, alongside a history — both factual and folkloric — that goes back to the Tongva tribe that called it home long before Spaniards and Anglos took control. It is the first book of its kind, a rather impressive fact given the Park’s age and popularity: it attracts 10 million visitors annually.

Inside Hook

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